Battery Tender® 12V/24V, 5 AMP / 2.5 AMP Selectable Chemistry Weather Resistant Battery Charger

SKU: 022-0258-DL-WH
Case quantity: 1
Charges and Maintains:


Designed for harsh environments the 5 AMP ultra tough Battery Tender® battery charger & maintainer is weather resistant and built to endure elements. Perfect for industrial heavy duty machinery that puts your gear to the test. This charger is versatile and designed to allow you to choose between AGM, Flooded, GEL, or Lithium (LifePO4) batteries. Switch easily between 12V @5 AMPs or 24V @2.5 AMPs. Integrated mounting capabilities give you the option to install easily on to your heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

Part Numbers 022-0157-1 and 022-0158-1 have been replaced with this charger (PN 022-0258-DL-WH). Two parts in one, with the same Battery Tender® power you expect. Fitment information for mounting compared to legacy units.

Additional Information

Looking for an on board option? This 5 AMP industrial charger is constructed with a heavy duty cast aluminum casing that is shock and vibration resistant. 

Easy to install and mountable. Check out our AC Power Port (P/N 024-0004-BK) for easy routine charging.

  • 12V @ 5 AMP & 24V @ 2.5 AMP
  • Weather Resistant IP67 Rating
  • Selectable for AGM, Flooded, GEL, or Lithium (LifePO4) Batteries
  • Integrated Mounting Capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Casing
  • Shock & Vibration Resistant
  • 2 Year Warranty

Instruction Manual (PDF)