Battery Tender® 800 AMP Jump Starter and Tire Inflator

SKU: 030-3010-WH
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Never feel unprepared again with this portable Battery Tender® 800 AMP Jump Starter and Tire Inflator. Small enough to fit in your center console or trunk storage, yet powerful enough to jump start any 12 volt battery on gas and diesel engines up to a V8 or inflate a standard tire in eight seconds. Safe and easy to use with cars, SUVs, trucks, and more.

Gone are the days of asking for a jump and connecting to another battery with cumbersome jumper cables. No more stopping at the gas station to add air to your tires. To jump start, simply connect the alligator clips to the corresponding terminal on your vehicle’s battery and start up the engine. Spark proof and reverse polarity protection gives you peace of mind and ensures you're connecting to the correct terminal before the jump starter kicks in.

Perfect for all types of vehicles, the Battery Tender® 800 AMP Portable Jump Starter and Tire Inflator includes an ultra-bright LED flashlight with emergency SOS strobe, 2 fast-charging ports to ensure you have the power you need in an emergency, a micro-USB/type C charging cable to charge most personal devices, three inflator valve adaptors, a 12-month manufacturer limited warranty, and lifetime customer support. With the power to perform up to 20 jump starts on a single charge and inflate a tire inflator with 140 PSI, the Battery Tender® 800 AMP Portable Jump Starter and Tire Inflator is great for any driver.

Additional Information

- 800 AMP battery charger and tire inflator combo
- Smart spark proof and reverse hook up protected alligator clips
- Air hose and three inflator valve adaptors
- Micro USB/type C charging cord
- Soft zippered carrying case
- 12 month manufacturer limited warranty

- Capacity 7200mAh
- Output 12V jump start, USB port 5V/2 AMPs
- Input type C 5V/2 AMPs
- Inflator 140 PSI

Instruction Manual (PDF)