Hyperion Lift-Assist™ 12V Portable Hydraulic Floor Jack, Inflator, Wrench Kit

SKU: 043-1002-HY-WH


Safe, reliable, easy to use -- this is a compact multifunction combo kit that really delivers. Ideal for cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs, the tire jack, electric impact wrench, and tire compressor work with your vehicle’s 12V power outlet. The wrench includes two universal sockets and delivers enough torque power to loosen most lug nuts, allowing you to easily remove a tire, while the tire compressor keeps your tires at an optimum PSI.

JACK & INFLATOR COMBO: The 12V electric jack lifts 3 tons (6,000 pounds) and has a 6 to 17.5 inch lifting height; a tire compressor with a 77lb/min inflation speed and 150 Psi max pressure is built in

ELECTRIC WRENCH: A separate 12V DC electric impact wrench with a 250 pound max torque and 2 reversible sockets (4 sizes) for quickly loosening and tightening lug nuts is also included in the tool set

EASY TO CONNECT: Change a flat tire on your car, truck or SUV in minutes; the electric auto jack and impact wrench can be powered by a 12 volt cigarette lighter power outlet or a 12 volt battery

SAFE & RELIABLE: Our spare tire jacks contain a Safety Release Valve for manual operation if power is lost; a bright LED flashlight is built in so you can work on your automobile anytime, anywhere

COMPACT CARRY CASE: The portable car jack, inflator, impact wrench and all necessary cables and accessories come in a heavy duty plastic carrying case that easily fits inside the trunk of your vehicle

Additional Information

Keep the Hyperion Lift-Assist™ tire change kit in your trunk to be ready for any roadside emergency! The multifunctional tool set allows you to lift a vehicle, remove a tire’s lug nuts and inflate a low or spare tire in no time. The hydraulic floor jack lifts cars, trucks or SUVs weighing up to 3 tons (6,000 lbs) 6-17.5 inches (155-444mm) and doubles as a tire inflator with side pockets to store its accessories. The tire compressor features a 77lb/min (35L/min) inflation speed, long 23.5 inch air hose, and 150 Psi max air pressure.

A separate electric impact wrench is also included in this portable car jack set. It comes with reversible 17/19mm and 21/23mm sockets and has a powerful 250 pound (340Nm) max torque to loosen and tighten lug nuts in seconds.

Skip the manual car jack tools and let our automatic tire repair tool kit do all the hard work for you! Both the electric tire jack/compressor and impact wrench operate with a simple switch operation and can be powered by your vehicle’s 12 volt cigarette lighter. You can also use the supplied alligator clips and female adapter to connect to a 12 volt battery.

Your safety is always our top priority. If power is lost during operation, the jack will remain at the current height and the Safety Release Valve can be used to manually lower the ram. Additionally, to boost your visibility at night, our electric jack/inflator has a bright LED flashlight built in to illuminate your working area.

The heavy-duty plastic case protects all of the provided tools and accessories and displays a red warning triangle so you can use it to signal other drivers to slow down. Our complete set includes an electric jack/inflator pump, electric impact wrench, power and battery clamp cables, safety hammer, 2 reversible sockets, inflation needle, 3 hose connectors, 2 fuses, hex wrench, and gloves.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -www.P65Warnings.ca.gov